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In our on-going examination of best practices for AWS Global Transit Networks, Bootcamp #1 covered design principles and Bootcamp #2 reviewed security. Now what? Are you done? Are you ready to hand day-to-day responsibility over to an operations team? Or are there other elements you need to ensure that the day-to-day operation of your transit hub is efficient and effective?

In Bootcamp #3, you’ll see a demonstration of the best practices we’ve gleaned from working with operations teams, who all require:

  • Visibility. Do you have a way to centrally view your network, see performance bottlenecks, control security policies, and set other configuration details?
  • Deep Analytics. Can you easily gather performance and audit data and export it to Splunk, DataDog, or other advanced reporting tools?
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting. Do you have a real-time view of network health, and how easily can you access the data needed to locate and fix issues?
  • Alert Management. When issues do occur, what real-time alerting is available?

Slides Included

You will also receive the file containing the presentation slides.

Of Particular Interest For …

Anyone responsible for connectivity of cloud resources, including cloud architects, cloud infrastructure managers, cloud engineers, and networking staff.


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