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When someone reports an EC2 connectivity failure, what do you do? Open your Amazon VPC Console, launch an SSH session, and start typing CLI commands in search of clues.

Common root causes include problems related to:

  • Route table updates
  • Phantom network ACLs
  • Security policies
  • Missing BGP routes
  • Overfilling route tables or summarization mistakes

Moreover, in many cases, networking is not an issue, but valuable time is lost eliminating the network as a cause before you can progress. Unfortunately, AWS does not natively provide the visibility and troubleshooting features needed by CloudOps and DevOps teams to identify and resolve problems quickly.

In this AWS bootcamp from Aviatrix, we will show you how to get on top of these issues and achieve operational readiness. We’ll also demo tools that give you visibility, simplify troubleshooting, and alert you when issues are detected.

Slides Included

You will also receive the file containing the presentation slides.

Who Should Watch

CloudOps, DevOps, Cloud Architects, Cloud Network Engineers, Cloud Support teams, or anyone responsible for connectivity of cloud resources.


Presented by our Solution Architects, Aviatrix Bootcamps ditch the marketing spin and deliver fact-based advice and cloud networking best practices. You'll receive a link to the replay and you can download the presentation slides.