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Previous bootcamps on best practices for AWS Global Transit covered design, security, and operational readiness. In Bootcamp #4, we discuss Next-Generation Transit Hubs that are purpose-built to treat the network as code, rather than as a virtualized instance of a data center router.

Learn how a software-defined approach can transform your AWS transit hub design from a legacy architecture exercise into a strategic infrastructure initiative that doesn’t require you to descend into the command-line interface and BGP of the IT networking world.

In Bootcamp #4, we’ll share the requirements that our most successful customers have insisted upon for their Global Transit Networks, and demonstrate the key features that meet those requirements:

  • Software-defined and centrally managed – so anyone can run it.
  • Built-in security with fully encrypted tunnels, egress filtering, and VPC segmentation.
  • Operational readiness with integrated monitoring, alerting and troubleshooting that’s easy to hand off to an operations team.

Slides Included

You will also receive the file containing the presentation slides.

Of Particular Interest For …

Anyone responsible for connectivity of cloud resources, including cloud architects, cloud infrastructure managers, cloud engineers, and networking staff.


Presented by our Solution Architects, Aviatrix Bootcamps ditch the marketing spin and deliver fact-based advice and cloud networking best practices. You'll receive a link to the replay and you can download the presentation slides.