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In Bootcamp #1, we walked you through the Seven Criteria for Building an AWS Global Transit Network. Now that you’ve designed and implemented your Global Transit Network, it’s time to revisit one of those seven considerations: security. What are the right questions to start asking to verify that your security posture is adequate for your AWS cloud environment?

Your first question might be: Why do I even need additional security? Isn’t what Amazon provides “out of the box” adequate? Unfortunately, even this is not the right starting question. It’s important to appreciate that, while Amazon says it has a shared security model, your Amazon EC2 instance may not meet your security requirements “by default.” Though Amazon makes specific security features available to you, it’s still up to you to choose judiciously among the many native and third-party options.

In Bootcamp #2, we review five uses cases and examine what Amazon provides, and the questions you need to be asking to implement Amazon services – or add additional ones – that are appropriate for your business.

  • On-prem to VPC
  • VPC to VPC
  • VPC to Internet (Egress)
  • Internet to VPC (Ingress)
  • User to VPC

Of particular interest to: Anyone responsible for connectivity of cloud resources, including cloud architects, cloud infrastructure managers, cloud engineers, and networking staff.


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