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Whether your cloud applications are multi-tenanted SaaS solutions or standalone instances hosted for individual customers, ensuring reliable and secure VPC connectivity poses a variety of challenges. Within minutes of signing up a new customer, your operations team will be expected to:

  • Build IPsec tunnels to, for example, support API connectivity or secure data as it moves between an on-premises database and the hosted app
  • Provision your customers’ administrative and end users with easy yet secure app access
  • Ensure internal teams have secure access to perform maintenance and support

Now imagine doing all that for dozens of customers … or hundreds … or thousands. Not to mention your DevOps team, which needs isolated development and QA instances from which to build and deploy ongoing releases.

In AWS Bootcamp #6, we review the security and operational requirements for implementing automated VPC networking to meet customer expectations while enabling your own internal teams to do their work both inside and separate from customer instances.

Slides Included

You will also receive the file containing the presentation slides.

Of Particular Interest For …

Anyone responsible for connectivity of cloud resources, including cloud architects, cloud infrastructure managers, cloud engineers, and networking staff.


Presented by our Solution Architects, Aviatrix Bootcamps ditch the marketing spin and deliver fact-based advice and cloud networking best practices. You'll receive a link to the replay and you can download the presentation slides.