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OpenVPN is a popular and respected solution for enabling remote access to AWS VPCs for IT personnel, cloud developers, and a wide variety of end-user roles. While OpenVPN may be all that is needed to enable cloud access for a few users, it alone cannot meet the needs of growing organizations, particularly those that have security or compliance requirements. Similarly, Bastion hosts or jump hosts are often used when AWS is primarily focused on developers, but these tools likewise have scaling and security limitations.

As part of our fact-filled AWS Bootcamp series, Aviatrix CTO Sherry Wei and Neel Kamal, head of field operations at Aviatrix, review key requirements and compare the remote user VPN options available for managing and securing access to AWS VPC resources. We’ll also demonstrate features that ensure your remote access tools and methodology are “enterprise cloud-ready,” including:

  • Centralized management over VPN users and VPN certificates
  • Centralized configuration control to support current and future requirements for features such as split/full-tunnel modes, load balancing and auto-scaling
  • How to implement multi-factor authentication that is simple for users
  • Advanced authN/authZ capabilities, including profile-based access control, multi-account support, and integration with single sign-on vendors such as Okta and Centrify
  • How to leverage existing OpenVPN clients as you migrate to more modern solutions
  • Monitoring of active user activity, and activity logging for compliance and analysis

Slides Included

You will also receive the file containing the presentation slides.

Of Particular Interest For …

Anyone responsible for connectivity of cloud resources, including cloud architects, cloud infrastructure managers, cloud engineers, and networking staff.


Presented by our Solution Architects, Aviatrix Bootcamps ditch the marketing spin and deliver fact-based advice and cloud networking best practices. You'll receive a link to the replay and you can download the presentation slides.