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In the accelerated move to cloud, enterprise customers want to easily apply their Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewall capabilities and policies across their AWS Transit Network. However, native AWS transit networking challenges force trade-offs between performance, scale, and visibility.

Join us as we demonstrate best practices to overcome these challenges when deploying Palo Alto VM-Series firewalls in the cloud. Register for the on-demand and learn how to use Aviatrix to:

  • Integrate a Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Next Generation Firewall with AWS Transit Gateway
  • Simplify initial deployment and ongoing operations with automated route propagation throughout the Transit Network and to the VM-Series
  • Maintain performance without trading-off scale. Enable your Palo Alto Networks VM-Series to operate at its maximum performance. Scale and load balance across multiple VM-Series without encrypted tunnels or manual configurations.
  • Scale without losing visibility. Maintain full traffic visibility and application functionality, by avoiding SNAT in the cloud.


In this webinar Jigar Shah, Product Line Manager at Palo Alto Networks, Sam Ghardashem, Product Manager at Aviatrix, and Stuart Scott, AWS Training Lead at Cloud Academy, will highlight customer experiences.